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Summer 2015

May 23, 2015

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20th Anniversary - Ted Nugent / Bad Company Tour - Part 1

October 14, 2016


This past Summer marked the 20th Anniversary of my first major foray into the Music Business as a Pro: the 1996 Ted Nugent/ Bad Company Summer Tour. Begin Part 1

I was chosen by Stevens Weiss, famed Attorney for Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page, Jimmi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore, Bad Company to name a few. He was noted for representing some of the greatest Guitar players ever and he was representing me which was mind boggling and this begs the question; how did we get here? on to the story.......cue the whole tone dream sequence..........

I had recorded my first Solo Album, Personalities, in 1995 and was shopping it or trying to. Pete Scalias' (my keyboard player at the time and now MorningTalk Show host in Columbus Ohio yep he is famous) Father had done Business with Stevens Weiss and was attempting with little luck to get him to check out my Disc. In the meantime my Friend Jeremy was studying in Japan and with Japan being a Big Guitar Market I sent him a box of like 50 CD's. It cost like $90 bucks to send them but I figured what the hell. Well my friend sold all 50 in his dorm in a few days and one of them made it into the hands of an A&R Rep at Virgin/EMI Japan. Turns out one of the girls that bought the disc had a sister who was the A&R guys assistant. He Loved the Disc and called me at 4 A M one day and it went down like Spinal Tap; I answer the phone and some guy with a British accent ( turns out it was Australian but at 4 A M does it matter lol) asks for T D Clark and says he is and A and R rep for Virgin/EMI Japan. Naturally I said " Sure you f&^%ing are" thinking it was my band mates screwing with me. He swore he was real laughing the whole time and told me how he got the record at which point I knew the was not messing with me. He said he loves the record and wants to speak to my Manager. Of course I had no Manager so I took down his information and tried to go back to sleep til 6 A M when I called Pete's Father Tony, who outside of being a totally successful Business Man was a Musician himself. Armed with this new interest from Japan Tony called Stevens Weiss and left a message who then called back within an hour wanting to hear all about it. Now we had some Steak paired with the Sizzle.  End Part 1

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