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Summer 2015

May 23, 2015

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20 Year Anniversary - Ted Nugent / Bad Company Tour - Part 2

October 16, 2016

So where was I....Hmmmmmmm oh yea so Tony Calls Steve Weiss and gets a call back in about an hour. Tony tells Steve what was up and then I get a call from Tony saying you are going to get a call from Weiss. Keep in mind I had a pager in those days and I was working as a Route salesman for a Haagen Dazs Ice Cream distributer driving all over Chicago. Weiss is HUGE, at the time I really did not understand who I was about to speak with. Tony had sent Weiss the CD a while back and was trying to get him to listen to it and now here comes the payoff. I am in a Dominick's on the north side of Chicago, on Ridge I think and my pager goes off. I look at the number and about crapped myself. Tony had informed me if this guys importance many times and I realized I was about to speak with Rock Royalty.So I dial the number and get a secretary, inform her who I am and she says Oh great Mr. Weiss is waiting for your call or something like this. He picks up the phone and he says " T D how are you?" I am standing in a break room in a Dominick's basement speaking to one of the most famous Music Attorneys ever. His voice sounds like a Friendly older Gentlemen and I guess he must have been in his early 60's. Well spoken, thoughts in order mellow but firm, intelligent. I respond "I am fine" .........not sure what to say next lol but he dives right in telling me he really likes my record ( Personalities) thinks the songs are great and thinks I am a great Guitar Player. He made a mention that the end solo run in Metallic Hoe Down is some of the fastest Guitar playing he has ever heard. ( I actually just put the record on as I have not heard the songs in a long time sound killer!!!!!! if I do say so myself lol) I am standing there thinking this is some kind of wacky daydream.........this guy works with or has represented the Gods of Guitar and he is digging my record and my playing? This is the guy who helped build Electric Ladyland studios for Jimmi Hendrix and was a big part of Swan Song Records and the signing of Bad Company. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it now. Then he asks me about my the time I had a Fiance' but no kids or anything so I ask why did he ask about them, he says because you thanked everyone in your family i.e. Grandparents, Parents, Sister Friends students etc in the liner notes to the record and then he goes on to say you, get this, you remind me of Jon Bon Jovi.............and I am thinking of course I can see the parallels, he is a massive Superstar, Millionaire adored by Millions of Women and fans alike and I am......well me lol a Guitar player form Illinois. He then says Jon is really into his Family and very grateful and.Weiss goes on to say he wants to know what I talked about with Jimmy Prorazzo from Virgin/EMI Japan. I told him not much as he wanted to speak with management. I think at that point He told me he was recording the conversation and basically said he was going to enter into an agreement with me via phone to represent me. He now will effectively manage me, although he said he was not in the managing Business anymore but due to the circumstance he would manage me. He then said he was going to call Jimmy and get back to me.   End Part 2.....

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