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Summer 2015

May 23, 2015

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Show with Ritchie Kotzen (Winery Dogs, Poison, Mr. Big) Arcada Theater

June 15, 2017

and I am back after another absence lol, so much has happened so where do I even begin?

My solo band had a show with Ritchie Kotzen ( Winery Dogs, Poison, Mr. Big) about 5 weeks ago at the Arcada.

There were several things that went on that made this a interesting show or more so than normal as they are always interesting lol. My Drummer Vince had a death in the family right before the show so I decided to do an acoustic duo with my Guitar Player Brian McKenna. The only thing was we had not played the acoustic songs from albums in a while so we had to woodshed 4 hours day of show to get together LOL pretty nerve wracking and funny as well.

The second fun thing was as we arrived and got downstairs to the dressing rooms I run into Kotzen just as my two, normally mild mannered kids (who have accompanied me to many shows) get into a huge battle over who deleted whose Pokeman Go LOL poor Ritchie looked like he had seen a ghost and bailed into the dressing room. I was embarrassed but laughing thinking only this can happen to me lol. The show went off without a hitch, Brian and I played pretty well all things considered and did some fun renditions or popular songs. The crowd seemed to have a great time and everyone enjoyed themselves. My Daughter sold aa lot of Merch to cap the night off so all in all a win. Ron Onesti told me a few times I did;t realize you did acoustic songs and we talked about other instruments I play which include Mandolin and his Grandfather was an expert Mandolin player it turns out which was totally cool lol ( and while a Play Mandolin for the record I am not an expert Mandolin player lol)

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