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May 23, 2015

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Talking to Yngwie Malmsteen people... Possible tour again?

March 10, 2017

Good Morning ; )

So we are once again talking to the Yngwie Malmsteen people about possibly touring together in the coming months. I am not sure where this will go but this leads me to the thing Musicians struggle with at all times and that is the Love of their Art, and the reality of Life in the U S.

Currently I started a new venture selling Professional Tool Boxes as one of my Guitar Students owns the company and asked me to sell his scratch and Dents and now New items. Its been booming and looking like it will secure my Financial future. I am still doing the after school lesson programs and waiting to here about a bid for a big 9 school 18 class school Grant program for the coming Fall. As everyone knows Money is the only thing that matters here in the U S. and because of that it forces me to make decisions between what I love to do and making money. No other career can you be so advanced at your trade yet starve. No other Career can people steal your items at will online and nobody does anything about it. If someone was stealing Fords or TV's or from banks it would be stopped. Its not sour grapes, there is a whole generation that thing music should be free and artists who give their music away..........I have never known a carpenter to give away the houses he builds.........

This brings me back to the Yngwie Malmsteen tour. It is a buy on, which all tours are these days which means not only to you have to beat out other bands being good enough, you the need to pay the artist to tour with them. It makes sense to some extent as its like buying ad space in a major newspaper or magazine for website; the exposure helps promote your band to a target audience . Mid land Major level artists, since they no longer get Record sales often charge to get on tours as it is a valuable income stream. This means we will need to get a sponsor and most likely won't make money but it will be an awesome experience and great promotion and we will sell a lot of Merchandise. So therein lies the trade off and is it worth it? in the past the answer was a firm yes but I am just not sure anymore. and I freaking Love Yngwie that guy is Amazing hmmmmm to be continued

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