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Summer 2015

May 23, 2015

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Headlining the Aracada Theater

March 6, 2017

It's been a long time, I am really bad at this blogging bit lol anyway so much to cover.

December 21st I headlined the Arcada Theater for My Christmas Show. I was supported by Both Lovedrive and Poison'd Crue so in essence I supported myself ha ha.





It was a great night, long time coming as I was the only Local Artist to Headline the Arcada for a Christmas show as far as I can tell. I was playing songs from my Under Your Tree Album as well as arrangements of some of the Nutcracker suite movements and the Christmas songs. We had about 250 people in the Arcada on a Wednesday night and it was truly an Awesome feeling knowing that many people, friends, family Fans were supporting your Music!!!  Ron Onesti and the crew at the Arcada always are Stellar and a huge thank you to them for making it possible and for Ron to have enough faith in the band to take a chance.

On a personal level I felt like after forever and a day slogging it out in the trenches I had made it lol............realisitically I had already done that I suppose in some respects but as an artist to headline a Famous venue in your area playing your Album was really special. The Music Business has taken its toll on me one the years and I had wanted to quit several times but for reasons still unknown I kept at it lol. This show combined with us playing on WGN TV the day before was a watershed moment for me. My Beautiful kids were there as well as my Girlfriend Tracey and my Daughter Ana joined us to sing Silent Night. I remember looking at out the audience and thinking this is what Bon Jovi sees every night.......times 50,000 lol .

Anyway is was a great time had by all and Barry, Vince Brain and Myself want to thank everyone for coming out. I want to thank ym band for believing in me and supporting when I am certain they thought or knew I was nuts. More soon

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