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Summer 2015

May 23, 2015

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Monsters of Mock at Joe's Live, Rosemont, IL

October 13, 2016

October First's Monsters of Mock show was Huge success at Joe's Live in Rosemont! Over 1000 people piled into this Cool venue! ( a week after my Solo band did a sold out show at the Arcada so this was some kick ass fun) and it was my first time playing there. Having been playing live for over 30 years there are few places left I have not played in the Chicago area so this was a real treat. The only bad part was trying to load in as the back entrance is not signed so I drove past it a few times in the maze that is that entire district of Bars, Shops and Restaurants. hey this is a Rock N Roll show so what do I expect lol?

 I was playing Guitar in LoveDrive, the Premier Scorpions Tribute, along with 4 other Tribute bands; Night Train, Motley II, Photograph and Dirty Talk. All the bands played great and were totally fun to hang with. We all shared dressing rooms so everybody had a few cocktails and caught up. John Yeager from Motely II, sang on my Perspective Record and did a a Tour to support that record with me so we always grab a laugh and hang. Great guy and killer singer. I used to play in Photograph and they are cool guys as well so its like a Family gathering of sorts...........a big black leather metal family gathering if you will LOL.

LoveDrive attacked the stage that night and I thought the whole band even Alan ( I had to get a dig in there ha ha) brought it. I had some tuning issues but outside of that it was a pretty clean set. I get to use my talk box in the Zoo and that night and it was cooking. In the band I am Mathias Jabs, Sean Coogan is Rudolph Schenker, Lance King is Francis Buchholz, Alan Hannapel is Herman Rarebell and Jeff Tokar is Klaus Meine. The crowd was ready for some Hard Rock for sure as they sang along with the song and were screaming their heads off, truly incredible experience. When you look out at a sea of people from the stage it just gets your blood pumping.

Many people get nervous as some of the guys backstage were saying but me, hell i was born for this stuff lol I look forward to the show and the big crowds and this night was no different. Live my job is more than be a Guitar player, I have to put on a show too and I love that part. Since I usually have the most experience I feel strong about setting the example and spearheading the fun to take some of the pressure off my band mates. None of my bandmates in any of my bands lack in stage show, quite the contrary as I only play with guys who can bring it. It just comes natural for me to play and go nuts almost too nuts as some of my mates will tell you lol

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