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May 23, 2015

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Supporting Stryper / Firehouse at Arcada Theater

September 23, 2016

This Friday night September 23rd my Solo band is supporting Stryper/Firehouse at the Arcada Theater! I have no idea at this point what are set time is but I would get there early as I am figuring we must be starting at 7 or 7:30 and you guys and girls do not want to miss this!

I got a text from Ron Onesti ( he is the best) asking me if we wanted to do the show yesterday evening. It is Awesome that we get cool calls like this regularly but it does cause chaos lol as we have kids, work Wives/Girlfriends etc that feel the insanity too. Now the juggle begins lol. Typically what will happen is we try to throw in a rehearsal before the show i.e. tonight and run a quick set if possible. Vince usually write the set list, I never write the set list lol i leave it up to the boyz to put something together. I will have a say but even though its my band so to speak everybody gets a voice and input.



We have supported Stryper before and it was a very successful show, we sold a ton of Merch and Michael Sweet and I went through our gear and amps together and checked out each others rigs and had some laughs. Great guy, Amazing talent. The whole band is! The one thing about my job I love is I get to play with guys and bands I grew up listening to like Stryper, Yngwie Malmsteen, Lynch Mob, Ted Nugent etc and it never gets old. What a trip, and I always look at it like its an Honor and privilege to be able to do so. I am laughing as I write this because I just spoke with Vince about tonights rehearsal and we had been talking about going to see this show anyway and then we get the call to support lol so now we get to jam out, then hang and rock out! It's nice to have worked hard for a long time and sacrifice a lot but see the reward as being a first call for National support and tours etc. I still get to be a Dad too which is probably the best thing as my career seems to dovetail nicely with my want to be an involved parent.

I will have more posts shortly and will try to do a live video blog for this show.

See you tomorrow night at the Arcada!

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