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May 23, 2015

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LoveDrive, Poison'd Crue and Monsters of Mock

July 14, 2016

So this past week was interesting as LoveDrive had 2 shows on Saturday including one at House of Blues Chicago as part of Monsters of Mock. The coming weeks are busier than ever with shows tonight and Friday with Posion'd Crue supporting Quiet Riot and Vince Neil and Saturday a private party with Lovedrive. next week I have a Clinic at a Rock Camp in Lake Forest Wednesday then Friday with Posion'd Crue at Catfish Days and then Saturday at the Arcada theater with Gary Hoey.

I rode with Jeff Tokar ( Vocalist extraordinaire) so I could party a little and not worry about the hellish traffic in Chicago. We did the Northwest Side reunion in Schiller Woods first , which was fun, Sunny, lots of great people and while we played fine and it sounded good, it was still a nice warm up for the HOB show.

When we arrived at HOB everything was already set up and completely organized. We were the last band to show because of our previous commitment and load in went smooth as silk. Whitney, the production manager at HOB, is top flight, I have worked with him on many shows and I expected no issues. The best part about the show ( apart from the playing ) was hanging out.
Photograph was on the bill and I played in Photograph for a while and know Chris and Joe really well and we were drinking a bit while Joe got his hair done for like 2 hours ( he looked cute lol though lol) I had fun catching up with them, great players and guys as well as John Yeager, who sings in Motley 2. He sang on my Perspective record ( along with Jeremy Sparta of A D D fame) John was singing in my band when I played HOB together with Michael Angelo, Dave Ulrich and Lyden Moon on the C4 Tour. I forgot all about that lol and it was so awesome reminiscing. That was a fun mini tour as Michael, Dave and Lyden are Stellar players and guys. I got the chance to chat with Stevie from TnT Chicago, and Slash from Night Train took lessons from me at one point and stopped by to say hello ( who knew he got all his chops from me?) and a host of friends and family etc. Something cool but a bit bothersome about me is I have played almost every venue in Chicago multiple times ( and many other Famous clubs, Venues, Sheds across the U. S. etc) and I forget about many of them. Its cool I did them but I never seem to document them. It does not mean its not important or was not important, they all are. I wish I kept better track and blogged or video'd more of these so I could remember later. Oddly enough living the moment is more important to me rather than documenting it, or rather I am not used to documenting everything I do ( probably the latter) or maybe both. Fortunately for me in many cases there are great Photographers like Rob Olewinski, Terry Murphy and Snack King that help me relive some great moments with their incredible Picture taking skills. My Friend Frank Lucas is the greatest self promoter i know and I need to learn from him lol.

As doors approached the was a line forming outside the HOB and it was good to see all the Rocker Maniacs getting ready to get it on! I am still not sure of the total attendance but it had to be around 600. See for yourself in the photos below. For many of the guys this was their first time at HOB and it can be a bit daunting, the place has had the greatest bands through its doors and its a Pro Stage and sound and Monitor situation.

Lovedrive had a strong showing, we were firing on all cylinders for the most part and Jeff, Lance, Alan and Sean played their A$$#$ off and I was proud of them. The crowd was into the Music and we had some lovely ladies join us onstage to add to the shows intensity. The promoter wants to do it again as do all the bands as the entire night was a huge success.

After show we hung with all of our great Fans who came out to support us as without our Fans we have nothing to do, had a few cocktails and then packed it up for the ride home.


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