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Summer 2015

May 23, 2015

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Well, that's not something you do everyday now is it....

May 8, 2016

" Well that's not something you do everyday now is it "........ applies to yesterdays activities for certain. I ended up playing 2 shows at 2 clubs about 2 hours apart.

About a week and a half ago I got an E-mail from a promoter about my Solo Band supporting Faster Pussycat ( Thank you Joey and Bob from Tailgaters) . Naturally anytime you get the opportunity to play with Nationals you take them no matter what, as the exposure is excellent. National crowds are much more open to original music, buy lots of Merch and are very supportive. My solo band usually does well in these situations and last night was no different. But I digress...

After taking the show it turned out I had a Poison'd Crue show booked the same night. ( cue dramatic music ) Normally PC ( Poison'd Crue) shows are on Saturdays so I didn't even think about it til Vince, who plays drums in my Solo band and in PC, texted me a flyer of PC playing the same night at 10:45. As luck would have it though Tailgaters and Ballydoyle's Aurora are not far apart, but it was going to be a lot of work for sure.

We loaded in at TG ( Tailgaters) at 6, but I had set up all my gear in my house that day to trouble shoot everything. (Oddly enough I had no issues as all my gear was working fine lol then Murphy's Law happened with my wireless frizzing out on the first tune. Oddly enough my Wirless worked later during the PC show so I have no idea the Ghost in the Machine happenings there) We were rehearsed and prepped Faith in The Fallen, who are friends of ours, were also on the Bill so that made the show even more fun. Go check them out. Anyway we cranked through our 45 minute set which seemed to go over well and we finished with Drop D Symphony from my Shreddtime Stories Album. That tune is a blast to play live, quite difficult and the crowd Loves it so its the perfect way to finish a show. It was particularly effective when supporting Yngwie Malmsteen. The minute we finished it was hurry and pack up and get on road to Ballydoyles. I was not even able to sell Merch as we had to split so fast. thanks again to Bob at Tailgaters for supporting my Solo career as much as he has.

In My solo band I just play electric Guitar mainly live as our sets tend to be shorter, but in PC I play 6 string electric guitar, 12 String acoustic Guitar which also sits on a stand that I can play both electric and switch to acoustic and back on the fly, slide guitar, Talkbox and keyboards so its a crap ton of gear to drag around, set and then tear down after to go along with playing of a 45 minute set followed by the playing of an almost 3 hours set in the next next. We do have a Tech, Don Brown, who is a good friend and a tremendous help to all of us but still its a lot to handle. Not too mention putting fresh batteries in wireless transmitters and batteries in pedals. You would be surprised at how many things go into putting a show on. We got loaded in and had to wait as we were early ( imagine that lol I was early to something LOL) the the guys from Broken Vegas were doing an acoustic set. They finished up and we got set and then it was off to the races. One funny note the guy from ballydoyles who introduced us called us Poseidon Crue LOL reminded me of the Oneders ( oneeders) Wonders if anyone saw that film, I got a chuckle from that one. (As I write this on 3 Hours sleep I should mention that I just had my first cup of Coffee and man is it good)



About the 3rd tune what could have been disaster struck as I tumbled backwards over a monitor at the front of the stage!!!!!!! I had been at the front of the stage Rocking out and forgot I was in front of the monitor LOL and went crashing down on my back. Oddly enough I was able to keep playing as stuff went crashing all over and I got a good laugh at myself and the crowd loved it too!!!!!!! I rolled up without missing a beat lol it was fantastic and I am really LOL as I write this. That is show business right there, when tragedy strikes you turn it around on the fly and make it a positive. The entire show was great and even though I was really getting burnt we were having fun. Due to a late start we played about 2 hours 45 minutes straight and all i can say is I was tired, hungry ( I hadn't eaten since 2 P M and it was now 2 A M, thank goodness for all the night Burrito joints here in Aurora) and wanted to go home and sleep. My Girlfriend Tracey had surprised me by showing up at the Faster Pussycat show and I was missing her and my kids as well. I finally crashed about 4 and then, woke up at 7:30 or something cursing the world lol

That was a whirlwind of a 22 hour day, now I have to work on my Music books, Teach some lessons, have a meeting with my Staff from Mars Jamzz and then on to a Derby Party.

Cheers to everyone

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