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May 23, 2015

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Michael Angelo Batio, Playmates and Grammys! Oh My!

October 29, 2015

This Friday night October 30th I have a Pre Halloween show with the Incredible Michael Angelo Batio at Q Bar in Glendale Hts. I have been a fan since he was in Holland and certain tracks like High Life set a bench mark for Shred in a Rock song that is hard to match.


I met Michael Angelo Batio when we were both Judges for the Guitarmagedden Contest which was sponsored by Guitar Center. It was the Chicago Finals at Joe's on Weed st. and we ended up sitting next to each other. We started talking and I had been working on Perspective but just was not totally thrilled with where it was at, mainly because of myself and probably unrealistic expectations. Plus I was going through a Divorce which doesn't help things. Michael suggested bringing the tracks to him at his Monster Mix Studio. We ended up recutting the lead guitars etc.The basic tracks were recorded and engineered by Eric Perrina who did a great job and they sounded cool. I think I just needed fresh guitar inspiration, which working with MAB was a natural.

We subsequently have hung out, done shows together; House of Blues, Hard Rock Cafe, Cubby Bear North etc and went to L A for some events at GIT. The really cool part of that trip was as we were waiting at the Gate for our Flight these three smoking Hot Blondes come walking up to the gate and lo and behold its the Dahm Triplets from Playboy! I walked up and said Hey its the Dahm Triplets to which they said Thank God you did not say twins. I was perplexed why the heck would I say that, there are 3 of you and they said for some reason people call them that a lot lol. I could not believe our luck, here I am heading to L A with MAB to hang with Rockstars, go to GIT for a killer event and now Playmates!!!!!????? It was Rockstar life fo sho lol. The Dahm girls were way cool and we talked the entire flight. They were coming from a shoot in New York and had caught the first flight back to L A which is why they were at our gate at like 6 a m. getting their connecting flight. and we were flying southwest.

We went to the Guitar round table talk and jam at GIT which Featured Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Trever Rabin, Tom Morello and a couple other players. We ran into Tom Werman who produced a ton of albums from the 70's and 80's including Cheap Trick's Dream Police sveral Motley Crue and Poison Albums. This guy was a major player and cool guy. The guys sat on a stage in a small theater and jammed and spoke about playing etc. Tom Morello took Guitar lessons from MAB when he taught at Gand Music and said he still had some of the exercises. Joe Satriani was the funniest. He is carryng guitar cases in both hands and sees Michael, stops, puts the cases down and begins to air shred the double guitar, totally hilarious and how cool.

A good friend of mine who was my Entertainment Attorney scheduled a lunchh with us Kim Guggenhiem ( attorney for SmashMouth, Stanley Clark and many others and Al Schlessinger who was the head of the Grammy's for years ( I went to the Grammys, Red Carpet walk and all, in1999 or 2000 when Carlos Santana had his huge Supernatural album out) We talked about many things, these guys were legends and it was an honor and a priviledge to break bread with them. I brought up the Grammy's and I pulled no punches saying I thought it was far more a sales/Popularity contest than anything about art. Al said well the public knows what they like, but the same public thinks Wu Tang Clan is Led Zepplin so can we trust the Public lol?I pointed out how Metallica had been screwed with their Black Album ( I am not even a Metallica fan but they got hosed) and he admitted they made a mistake there. Overall though I learned even more about the Industry from two Titans in the Biz and had many a good laugh.

I would Love for all of you to come out to the show this Friday at Q bar and Rock out with us. I am doing a new song from my upcoming Album plus a Christams Tune, A Halloween tune and much more.



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