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Summer 2015

May 23, 2015

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New York, Joe Taylor and 10,000

July 12, 2015

This week i flew into NY's LaGuardia airport to play guitar for Singer Joe Taylor. We have a gig at the Long Island Summer fest today Saturday July 11th at 4. The fest was number 2 in Things to do this weekend in New York and rumor has it that its sold out. I was told there will be around 10,000 in attendance, which will lend itself to a really fun show.
Barry Kleiber from my solo band is also playing Bass on this gig so we travelled together ( sort of but not entirely thanks to American Airlines sense of greed ). 

My flight was delayed an hour so we sat at the airport bar just hanging out. When we did finally get on our respective planes i was lucky enough to get some lunatic in my row across the aisle. This Woman was messed up........not sure on what exactly lol as she was carrying on being loud rude and obnoxious yelling obscenities at the flight attendants and generally being a whole lot of fun. She was talking to herself, on her phone other passengers. It was like having Sybil on my now 2 hour delayed flight. Who says the fun only begins when you get there? Being such a good time on the entire flight the flight attendants at AA were good enough to arrest her when we landed. I went from laughing to incredulous the whole flight.


Joe picked us up, Barry's flight, which was due an hour after mine arrived at the same time due to my delays and then off we went.( Editors note i spent the week going over our upcoming set by listening to the songs as well as working out my parts. I was going to be the lead player and covering some keyboard parts on gtr with T Mac from Joe's band playing rhythm)
We got to Joe's house late had some food and crashed. Friday we woke up and started working on the tunes together. The thing about any Pro gigging situation is that while its awesome to travel play big shows etc, its a lot of work. My job is to play what the artist wants and needs in his songs and make my the Artist the Brightest Star onstage that i can.

Joe's music in somewhere between Journey and Jack Johnson best described as Acoustic guitar driven pop rock with catchy Chorus'. My main tools for this gig are my 2 ESP/LTD MH 301 and 350 guitars loaded with Passive EMG SRO OC pickups and my Boss Tuner, Noise Suppressor, Dunlop 95 Q Wah and Boss Digital Delay pedal.

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