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May 23, 2015

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Some commentary on Spotify, Apple, YouTube, etc

June 30, 2015

Something that has been pretty much destroying new artists and aggravating me immensly has been the ability of people to listen to music without paying for it and seemingly feel no remorse either. While this doesn't hurt the big artists it is killing the small ones.

Streaming outlets and uploaders that do pay, they pay pennies on the dollar compared to what you would get for radio spins and nothing in comparison to people actually buying the song for 99 cents or album which is $9.99. Everyone can afford buying the records but few seem willing to do so even though they enjoy the music. Which I find odd as growing up I bought CD's etc to help the band be able to tour and thrive etc. 

I bring this up as I get notices as to how many songs have been streamed and get very little money for my efforts. I might get 700 streams and make almost no money from streaming but if I had 700 song downloads that would be about $600 or 700 album downloads, hell I could pay my car off and give me more money monthly to take care of my kids etc.I am extremely happy people like my songs enough to want to hear them over and over, its my lifes work. I feel though that if people axctually purchased the songs I could better take care of my family. And not just me, there are thousands of Musicians out there, with families, struggling and not because they don't make great music, but because people who would never even consider walking into Target and stealing a CD, willingly do so on the internet and don't even bat a lash. It's astonishing to me.

As I wrap this up I want to be crytal clear about something; 
I am so very fortunate to play Music for a living and I realize this everyday.I dreamed as kid to do music and have achieved and surpassed every goal I set and am soooo thankful. But I work hard and sacrifice a lot, just like all of you folks who support me do. I just ask the next time you want to listen to a song over and over, do the artist and his family a favor and download the song or album on i-tunes, Amazon, CD Baby or wherever.

I appreciate your support so very very much as without you, I have nothing.

Cheers and Happy Monday

- TD

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