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Summer 2015

May 23, 2015

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Yngwie/Guitar Gods Tour - Part 5

June 28, 2015

In an effort to get you guys to the first show of this tour for this blog I omitted some really funny events on the day we left that I need to add here. They are too good not to mention.

The Van was supposed to have been delivered 2 days prior to leaving so we could get the trailer hitch installed and the Van wrapped in the promo decals and prep it etc however due to a variety of happenings that alaways go down just when you need them not to, total Murphys Law haha it was not delivered until the morning we had to leave. As I was scrambling about the pack not only my Clothes and items for the Tour I also had to pack my kids clothes, toys, Pads , scooters lol because both my Parents and my Awesome Girlfriend had offered to help watch the kids while I was to be gone for about 2 weeks or so( the tour did pass through Chicago for 2 dates, more on that in a bit, and we also had a day off where we all voted to come home and see our families for a day as opposed to sitting in some hotel missing them) . A good friend of mine had offered to help me pack the kids clothes and were we both laughing as I am trying to put together outfits for my Son and Daughter hours before I was to leave on one of the biggest tours of my life and I am doing wash trying to find shirts lol toothbrushes socks for them before I could even get my own stuff sorted. Ha ha I am laughing as i write this, too funny. My kids throughout all of this were playing and running about and really being gems all while I was trying not to freak out.


Not that packing the kids was the only issue I was dealing with; We ended up having to bribe the U Haul guy to stay open and put on our hitch as it was now 6 P M and they were closed and the Van had no hitch for the trailer. The guy thought it awesome were going to tour with Ynwgie and Gary Ron and was more than happy to help. I should say we more or less tipped him than bribed lol but whatever I think they got the hitch on and all the electrical working by about 7:30 P M maybe? keep in mind we had to be in Wilkes Barre by 3 or 4 the next day and I had not even picked up the guys yet.

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