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Summer 2015

May 23, 2015

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Yngwie / Guitar Gods Tour - Part 3

June 25, 2015



 So now I have a budget after weeks of nail chewing but I have to sort 1) proper care for my kids while I am gone as part of the tour cut into my Summer break with them 2) Transportation for the band and crew 3) Order promotional materials photos, T Shirts CD's created and delivered etc in a short time window 4) Get all band members to sign all contracts and confidentiality disclosures and return (yes lots of paperwork. Yngwie had condfidentiality contracts that stipulated that we could not talk about Yngwie in the press, take pictures of him, write about him whilest on tour etc. It was kind of like Fight Club. Number one rule of Fight Club, don;t talk about Fight Club. Number one rule of this tour, Don't talk about this tour LOL . In fairness he had his family with him and I am sure he was just protecting himself against people doing stupid stuff while working with him 5) put together a stop by stop information binder filled with all the information about the venues and promoters and directions to and from each (I figured we would need paper maps and it turns out I was correct, more on that later) 6) Obtain a reliable tour van and trailer and get the trailer hitch installed and have the Van wrapped with the Sicktrix Logo and my name and tour name emblazoned. Then have the Van delieverd in time to make it to Wilkes barre for the first tour date........ I am out of breath just writing this ha ha There is more I could add but you get the idea. 
I have not even mentioned rehearsing to make sure we are totally prepared to kick ass and also get our gear ready for a few weeks of road torture. Oh and did I mention I was goign to Disneyworld with my kids and girlfriend the week before we were to leave for the tour and had already booked it months in advance. I could not, would not dissapoint my kids with my work, it was bad enough I had to give up some time with them. I was not about to cancel their vacation. As I am wriritng this the memories of the chaos makes me laugh, it was total insanity. I use that word a lot and it is fitting as my life in general is always on the go it seems. I promise I will get to the Rockstars and tour shortly however I have to set the table so you get and Idea of what is involved and can appreciate the story even more seeing what we had to go through and put up with.


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