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May 23, 2015

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Yngwie / Guitar Gods Tour - Part 1 (of many)

June 16, 2015


Touring with Yngwie. Part 1. Of many. Ha ha


So i have been asked about being on the Guitar Gods Tour Summer 2014 which featured ( initially anyway) Yngwie Malmsteen, Gary Hoey, Uli Jon Roth and Ron Bumblefoot Thal. It was a total blast in all aspects as well as a little odd but it wouldn't be a true Rock n Roll Tour without some oddness lol now would it?


I saw an ad on Facebook no less about the then upcoming GG tour looking for support acts. I was like hell yes and immediately contacted the company that was doing the initial screening to find out what i needed to do to become a Guitar God ( its ok you can chuckle here, definitely some tongue in cheek all over this one :)

I explained in an e mail that i had already successfully supported YJM at HOB ( the boys and i killed it that night and i sold 28 CDs 5 t shirts, a couple DVDs ) and as luck would have it there were video clips on youtube from the show. I sent the link of Drop D Symphony to the guy and about 30 minutes later he e mailed back that the video smoked and he was impressed. He said we would be a great fit and began to give me details of how everything needed to go down.


I now needed to find a sponsor to fund the tour ( dum dum dum cue dramatic music)


Stay tuned for part 2

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