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May 23, 2015

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Dee Snider Sessions - Blog Post 5

June 8, 2015

So Ana Nico and I go walking to check out the Lego Store, Disney Store, Watertower Place and have a snack. We come back to the Studio where Dee is just finishing up his tracks. I head into the control room and get my gear going and say Hi to Dee. I forgot to mention Thursday ( I think lol ) before we had left the studio so Dee could track we all sat around chatting about a whole bunch of Rock history and experiences. Dee was friends with and in a band for a time with Bernie Torme ( If my memroy serves me) the first guitarist to replace Randy Rhodes in Ozzy's Band. That segwayed into talking about Brad Gillis who replaced Bernie and whom I know as we are both Nady Wirelss endorsers and I have jammed with and hung with Brad at the Nady booth and NAMM show a few times over the years. We talked about the orgins of Twisted Sister Dee's Christmas Musical which ran its frist year in Chicago and is moving to Toronto for this Holiday Season.

I asked Dee if he wouldn't mind meeting my kids and he said sure. he met them, they were playing on the pad and watching a show so I had to get them to pay attention ha ha but Dee took it in stride. He told the kids about being the vouce of Angry Jack on SpongeBob Squarepants and the kids got a kick out of that. He took a picture with them and then we wnet into the control room to track some more guitars.

As I was tracking Dee left the studio to do something and din;t come back for a while. We had the control room door open and when the lounge door would swing open I heard laughing and it turns out Dee was watching AFV with Ana and they were having a blast. A short time later Ana came looking for Dee, found him and said " Dee there are Animals on AFV you have to come watch, you Love Animals" and Dee starts laughing and say Well I better check it out. All I could do was laugh ha ha I am now as I write this, way too freaking amazing for words. later I thanked Dee for being so gracious and he said no sweat that he was a Grandpa Himself and knows how it is. 

I was pretty stoked to find out that after I cut my harmony solo for the single they might not need Brian May after all so that was cool. Ultimately getting Brian May's Brilliance on any record would be good but I was glad they were happy with my idea.
As I left the studio ( we arrived around 11:30 or so and it was now 7) after a pretty long day to go eat dinner with Tracey at her house I was thinking how good the kids had been under the circumstances, didn't complain once. 

Its imteresting how As I write these blogs it really reminds me how much dreams do come true. And how special this was as I was able to combine Family and Music, my 2 passions.


Stay Tuned for Touring with Yngwie on my next episode

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