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Summer 2015

May 23, 2015

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Dee Snider Sessions - Blog Post 4

June 7, 2015

Saturday morning April 25th, I get the kids up about 9 and we get ready to head to the studio. I was bringing the kids with as Chicago Recording Company is an absolute top notch facitility with giant screen TV's, nice clean lounges, food and kitchen etc. I figured they could hang out play with their toys and pads and afterwards we could go to Lego store, American Girl as CRC is near Ohio and Michigan. I also thought they could meet Dee which would give them some stories down the road and they could see dad at work.

We arrive roughly 11 and the kids want to grab lunch so we pick up some sandwiches and a Cheese Pizza for Nico my Pizza guy ( I am certain he would eat it everyday all meals if possible ha) and get into the studio. Damon and Mat Lejeune ( Grammy Winning Engineer) are there getting the tracks up in studio 4 so I load my gear in and get working on the tracks. I had to cut 2 songs and was hopefully going to have them done before Dee came in to track Vocals at roughly 3. Everything went smooth, I pride myself on working as efficiently as possible when hired on studio projects. It was decided I would record the solo for the single. Brian May from Queen had been contacted to do this Solo but everyone figured its not a bad idea to get something down in the event Brian May could not do it. However Dee had now come to work on his vocal tracks so the kids and I took a break and went walking about in Downtown Chicago.

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