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Summer 2015

May 23, 2015

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Dee Snider Sessions - Blog Post 3

June 5, 2015

So finally we all get onstage and HVAC is packed pretty solid. I was impressed at how many young Hot Chicks lol were there, I was not sure who would all show up but it was great crowd and they were ready to go. Damon introduces Dee amd he walks over to the Mic and talks to the crowd and they scream and Chuck kicks into WNGTI and off we go. I had to do a double take halfway through the song as it was hard to believe that I was onstage jamming with Dee Snider. I have jammed with and shared stages with incredible artists over the years and every time I get the same " No Freakin way" ha ha feeling as it goes down!!!!!

After we finished Dee took pictures with the audience and again I was amazed at the 50 Hotties lined up to get a picture with him, the guy is an out and out Legend! The club ended up paying for my ticket and for Chucks tow and I drove Chuck and Kris to pick up their car at 1 a m or something then I drove to my girlfriends house where my kids were fast asleep. I kissed them and thought what a great end to a fantastic day crawled into bed to get some much needed rest. I needed to be in the studio the next day at 11:30 and it was now 2:30 or something.


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