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May 23, 2015

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Dee Snider Sessions - Blog Post 1

June 3, 2015



I have been asked repeatedly about the Dee Snider sessions, its a cool thing and people have questions I get that totally, so my first blog will address those sessions.

I got a call from Grammy, Emmy, Oscar winning songwriter Damon Ranger to play guitars on a track he was doing for a Movie. It was a Country Pop type thing which ended up being a lot of fun and the track turned out great btw. 
While I was doing that session at CRC in Chicago I was asked by Damon if I wanted to play on Dee Snider's solo record. Damon had written and was recording and Producing the songs for Dee's record and wanted me to beef up the tracks. I think he intially asked me to play lead guitar on a few songs and it kind of grew into me re-tracking several rhythm guitar parts as well as adding licks and repeating lines in addition to playing lead guitar parts and harmonies. I should add it was crazy when he first asked me to play on Dee's record, I mean I played and still play all those hit Twisted Sister songs in various bands and saw him testifying to Congress during the whole PMRC thing, it was going to be Awesome.

Damon sent me the basic tracks to start working on and I was surprised as the songs were not what I had been expecting. They are definately more modern but still with a Rock/Pop edge. As fate would have it LOL when I showed up to the studio 2 of the songs had been changed so I had to re track and come up with parts for songs I had not heard but it was all good. But Being creative is what beign a Musician is all about anyway so into the fire we went.

stay tuned for part 2

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