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Summer 2015

May 23, 2015

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Guitar Gods Tour & More...

June 30, 2014

Since Facebook is far easier for me to use than updating my website please follow Brian T D Clark on Facebook for constant updates and info. I am trying to get better at using my webpage but computers are not my thing lol I am a guitar player.

I was chosen for and accepted to join the first leg of the 2014 Guitar Gods Tour featuring Yngwie Malmsteen, Gary Hoey and Ron " Bumblefoot Thal" that began June 12th in Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania. I was picked from 100's of applicants and was honored and humbled to be in such company. Quite frankly it was a dream come true. I want to thank SickTrix, ESP Guitars, Cleartone Strings and EMG Pickups for helping me put the band on the road. We ended up doing 9 shows with the Guitar Gods and a solo show at New Yorks Famous Bitter End. We neded our part of the tour in Minneapolis on Monday the 23rd and it was an incredible experience. We have since been offered another tour and will see if we can agree to terms shortly.

Our Main sponsor for the Guitar Gods Tour was Sick Trix, which is an amazing new Extreme Sports upload website that you must check out through their generosity we were able to hit the ground running. I had a budget to work with and had to figure out everything from gas, food, merch, van and trailer rental, hotels, passports, tolls for 2 weeks ( holy crap are our roadways expensive) and a host of other things before we even got to rehearsals and practicing my butt off so I could stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the best to ever strap on a guitar wihout embarrasing myself.

We travelled about 3600 miles and spent many nights sleeping while in transit. A typical day would go something like this. Normal load in would be at 4 P M so we would roll in to the venue and check in at 4. Normally Yngwie would sound check for about 2 hours prior to Gary and Ron setting up so we had time to offload our gear and then relax in our dresssing room if we had one or walk the area around the venue, grab some food, sleep set up merch table etc. After everyone esle got set up and got a short soudncheck we would pile our gear onto an already crowded stage and pretty much start right after we set up. Being first on the Bill did not afford much set up time nor stage room but we didn


;t care, it was Awesome fun! We saw some really nice places like Huntington New York and Toronto Canada in the down time before shows. In Toronto due to customs holding everyone up at the border we were the first ones to arrive so I knew we had a while before we could do anything. Downtown Toronto has a Times Square like section that had a music festival and all kinds of things going on we were told so we walked down to check it out and then caught some World Cup at a local Bar. Toronto is a very beautiful City. At some point we realized we didn't need to be there right at 4 for load ins which would allow a little more travel time for us. We got to kow and regularly hung out with Ron and Gary and their bands and had a ton in common with them. We gained the respect of everyone on the tour and of the press where we regularly recieved good reviews.

The boyz and I gave it 100% everyday and worked very hard to prove we belonged, after all we have been busting hard to be a great band for years no reason to let up now. Brian McKenna, Vince Consolo, Barry Kleiber and our Merch/Tech Ben Lerner were a great team, total pros and I was proud to be on tour with them. We did 2 hometown shows at the Arcada Theater and MoJoe's in Joliet and it was fantastic to see all our friends and family. My Children Ana and Nico came with my Girlfriend Tracey and made it even more special.

Prior to the Guitar Gids Tour I wrote and then recorded the soundtrack to the Movie Blood and Water ( at Cellar Door Studios in Naperville) which was written and produced by Grant Stokes and Ron Larson. It was a cool experience as I had to create Music to fit each scene. Grant and I would sit in my Apt and try to inject the feelings of the characters into the music. I am very excited to have been a part of this film and process.

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