June 8, 2015

So Ana Nico and I go walking to check out the Lego Store, Disney Store, Watertower Place and have a snack. We come back to the Studio where Dee is just finishing up his tracks. I head into the control room and get my gear going and say Hi to Dee. I forgot to mention Th...

June 7, 2015

Saturday morning April 25th, I get the kids up about 9 and we get ready to head to the studio. I was bringing the kids with as Chicago Recording Company is an absolute top notch facitility with giant screen TV's, nice clean lounges, food and kitchen etc. I figured they...

June 5, 2015

So finally we all get onstage and HVAC is packed pretty solid. I was impressed at how many young Hot Chicks lol were there, I was not sure who would all show up but it was great crowd and they were ready to go. Damon introduces Dee amd he walks over to the Mic and talk...

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