TD Clark has been playing guitar since roughly age 10. He initially wanted to play piano but his family couldn't afford one so he started banging on an old guitar his Mom had in a closet. By age 13 or 14 he knew what he wanted to do: Play guitar forever! He wanted to be guitarist's guitarist. So he practiced 8 hours or more day for years, played in local bands and hit the club scene hard, playing up to four nights week while writing and practicing the other nights of the week. After recording several demo tapes with groups, he struck out on his own recording Personalities in 1994/5.

In 1996, he released his first solo record Personalities and subsequently received interest from Virgin EMI Japan. (It should be noted that while recording his debut CD, Clark suffered a serious accident to his fretting hand. It had been crushed in a baling machine during the recording sessions and doctors were uncertain if he would ever play the same again).  Due to that interest, he was contacted by Stevens Weis, a well known music attorney (and a very nice, generous man as well) who had represented some of the best guitarists ever: Jimmy Page, Jimmi Hendrix, Mick Ralphs, and Ritchie Blackmore. Weis began shopping Personalities to every major record label in the country. Ahmet Ertegan, founder of Atlantic records, listened to Personalities during a lunch with Weis and thought the tunes rocked. Clark was subsequently put on tour with Ted Nugent and Bad Company, as it was time to turn the band loose on the listening public. The label shopping/touring continued for the entire summer.

Throughout his Stellar career Clark has done shows/tours with Steve Vai,Ted Nugent, Bad Company, Yngwie Malmsteen, Great White, Stephen Pearcy (RATT,) Lynch Mob, Pat Travers, Kings X, STRYPER, Blue Oyster Cult, Tony MacAlpine, Michael Schenker Group (MSG), Mike Tramp (White Lion), Chris Duarte, Trace Adkins, Sarah Evans, Eric Sardinas, Gary Hoey, Rick Wills (Foreigner/Peter Frampton). and American Idol Star/Recording Artist, Chris Medina. Logging thousands of performances from arena's to clubs, from Japan to Europe, and across the United States as a solo artist and sideman.

His songs have been on over 50 radio stations across the country from LA to New York and overseas, as well as dozens of internet based radio programs. He was a featured interview on the Instrumentals of Rock Radio Show in its heyday, alongside Steve Vai. He has music in movies on Showtime, sports giant's ESPN's Sports Center Highlight Program, which was used during the 2003 World Series, and in the United Center for the Chicago Blackhawks hockey games, as well as a host of extreme sports films and DVD's.

He has equipment endorsements from EMG, Nady, Dean Markley, Jim Dunlop, Rocktron, and Mesa Boogie.  

He has been written up in Young Guitar Japan, Guitar Player Magazine, Fret 12 E Zine, Transworld Snowboarding magazine, dozens of newspaper articles, internet interviews, and CD reviews.

He has released 5 CD's Personalities, Perspective, Next Big Adventure, Shreddtime Stories, and Under Your Tree, as well as two Instructional DVD's, "In the Beginning" and "Heavy Metal Breakfast", selling thousands of units worldwide!

His  CD, Shreddtime Stories, caught the interest of Steve Vai's Digital Nations label and Clark quickly signed a world-wide distribution deal with the guitar legend.

In 2007, Clark started a guitar lesson service that would become Guitar Fundamentals, which offers after school guitar lessons at park districts and schools growing to over 110 locations. GF expanded from his native illinois to California in Spring 2013, and then Arizona Fall 2013. He completed his first guitar instructional book, The Mars Jamzz in 2012, which is the centerpiece of the Guitar Fundamentals programming, bringing music education and smiles to kids of all ages.  He has since completed Mars Jamzz II - The Search for Stan guitar method book, and The Keys of Brubar his first beginning keyboard book, also for kids. GF started offering beginning keyboard classes in Summer/Fall 2013.   With the rising success of the method books, Guitar Fundementals is now called The Mars Jamzz where the silly martians are helping teach more and more kids every year.   Visit the martians at marsjamzz.com

In October 2013 T D Clark entered and Won the Sam Ash/Steve Vai Best in Shred contest and will support Steve Vai November 2nd at the Castle Theater in Bloomington Illinois.

On January 16th 2014 T D Clark will once again support The Michael Schenker Group at Austin's Fuel Room in Libertyville Illinois and this will be the 6th time he has been asked to support MSG in his career and the 4th time in he past 2 years. He will also support Uli Jon Roth and Ron Thal at the Whisky a Go Go January 23rd as part of the Whisky's 50 Anniversery event. January 2014 also marks the launch of 23 Guitar Fundamentals afterschool programs in Arizona for the first 8 weeks up fom 3 in Fall 2013.

In June of 2014 T. D. was picked by April and Yngwie Malmsteen to be support for the Guitar Gods Tour Featuring Yngwie Malmsteen, Gary Hoey and Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal. He played 10 Dates with the Gods showcasing his guitar prowess and gaining new fans across the East Coast and Canada. Then in September 2014 he recieved a call from his friend and Gold Record Recording Artist/American Idol Star Chris Medina about playing guitar for him for some Fall tour dates.

He lives in Aurora, Illinois with his two beautiful children Ana and Nico, whom are the love of his life.

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