TD Clark Drop D Symphony @ House of Blues

T D Clark 2011 String Insanity competition


TD Rocks the Bay Area


T.D. Clark on the EMG X-Series Pickups


TD Clark Play That Funky Music For EMG Pickups


The Introduction


Just South of Dublin (in the studio)


It Came in the Night (in the studio)


Grabbing Some Air (in the studio)


Arctic Sun (in the studio)


Arctic Sun (LIVE)


Shreddtime Stories (LIVE)


Drop D Symphony


Grabbing Some Air


Play that Funky Music Live


TD Clark Interviewed on Chicago's Q101


Auld Lang Syne


Seat 26D Live


Heavy Weather




TD Shreds Out!


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House of Blues Clip 1 119 kb
House of Blues Clip 2 119 kb
House of Blues Clip 3 118 kb
House of Blues Clip 4 120 kb

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