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Tales from Guitar Land, Volume 1
- The Beginning years!

Master Guitar Player/Teacher/Composer T. D. Clark brings you his first Instructional DVD, "Tales from Guitar Land, Volume 1 The Beginning years!"

This Beginners DVD is packed full of information to get you started playing guitar quickly and is taught in an easily understandable, humorous format to keep the student engaged for hours!

Tales From Guitar Land Volume 1 DVD
Price: $30.00

Heavy Metal Breakfast
- Discovering Modes & Arpeggios

Purchased and download individual lessons now!

Join TD Clark as he unravels the mystery behind modes, scales, and arpeggios.  Learn how to use the “flavor” tones of each mode and scale to create different moods and use arpeggios to really add depth to your playing.  Each mode and scale is broken down in an easy to understand format with accompanying scale charts and tablature – AND includes a demonstration solo to really accent the different uses of each scale!

10 Scales including: Pure Minor, Harmonic Minor, Dorian Mode. As well as:-10 Major and Minor Arpeggio form. Practice soloing with the backing track Heavy Metal Breakfast

Heavy Metal Breakfast DVD
Price: $30.00


Next Big Adventure

Grab your passport and get ready to rock! After four years of writing and recording, T.D. Clark's 2006 instrumental CD, Next Big Adventure is now available. The CD features a rippin' cover of "Play That Funky Music", as well as Clark's best playing and songwriting to date! After spending the past few years playing clinics, appearing at NAMM shows, playing with his vocal project, opening his own recording studio, recording instructional DVDs as well making music for ESPN and a variety of other sport and movie related projects, Clark is back to his first love. "I wanted to make a great CD packed not only with great melodic songs but some really rippin playing! I did more harmony guitar parts this time and they are also much more complex. I also trade leads on Next Big Adventure with guitarist David Shankle Plus I got back to having songs from all of my influences on the CD. There are rock, h ard rock, metal, Latin, acoustic, electric, 12+ 6 string, dropped D tuned guitars all over this CD. It was a blast to make!"

Total running time, 62:05

Next Big Adventure CD
Price: $13.00


Sophomore release Perspective is filled from top to bottom with great guitar stylings and top notch songwriting. Perspective creates a whole new category for guitar music by combining smoking instrumental cuts with vocal performances. Clark obviously wasn't listening when people said great guitar players can't write great songs because you get fiery arena vocal performances ("Mary Love," "Runaround"), combined with instrumental tracks like "Avalanche," "Still Waters" and "The Fugitive," that display incredible feel as well as scorching technique. Perspective takes guitar playing to new heights with dizzying results. Clark turned up the heat on this release by enlisting guitar legend Michael Angelo as producer, which definitely added a boost to the creative energy.

Total running time, 48:33

Perspective CD
Price: $13.00


Debut CD all-instrumental Personalities, featuring eleven tracks filled with great instrumental songs, killer acoustic guitar work and professional production. Clark is known for being a great technician, but also plays with soul and feel. The cover art is a 3D drawing. Look at the cover for a few seconds and a "smiling face" emerges in what is sometimes called a "stereogram". The first track, "Emerald Skies," opens with a majestic verse melody in a mid tempo setting. There are a lot of key changes in this song and T.D. uses his speed with taste and flies effortlessly through the changes on this cut. Another stand out track is "At the Rivers Edge" where T.D. plays acoustic guitar. His feel is exceptional and plays very confidently through out this disc.

Total running time, 35:50

Personalities CD
Price: $12.00

Guitars At An Exhibition Volume 1

Featuring TD Clark

Guitars At An Exhibition Volume 1 CD
Price: $7.00

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