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Due to increased demand for lessons since my return from Yngwie Malmsteen's Guitar Gods Tour featuring Gary Hoey and Ron Thal, I am opening a few more hours in my schedule for Guitar Instruction for both in person and Skype lessons.

I will bring my 30 years experience in Teaching, Touring, Performing, Writing and Creating Music for my Albums, ESPN's Sports Center, Movies. Very few Instructors around the World have the Real Life Experience of having been succesful at all of the above. Your Local Music shop nor You Tube can bring you the experience you need to be successful. I can have an immediate impact on your playing and if you choose to do a mentoring program I can help you with the Business end of your Music career.

Contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for times and costs. I have brought on 8 new hours of lessons in the past 2 weeks so times are truly going fast. All payments can be made through Paypal or Chase Quick Pay

Master Class at Backthird Audio August 9th

I am having a Clinic Performance/Master Class/ Music Business seminar at Backthurd Audio August 9th. Please click on link for more information. Early Registration Discounts end July 31st. Students Rates available.


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youngguitar2012T.D. Clark Bad-ass Guitarist's Solo-album

A technical guitarist hailed from Chicago, T.D. Clark's solo album knocked the doors of Young Guitar magazine the other day, although the product was released last year, we wanted to bring this on here for you! Title SHREDDEDTIME STORIES was released from Digital Nations headed by Steve Vai himself, and as the title speaks for itself, you'll find some awesome instrumental guitar tunes that will shred your head off! If you're interested in this album, make sure to check out the official website where you could purchase the product or on iTunes Store. Interview with TD Clark

Orginal Inteview from

October 2011

mwe3: Where did you grow up and how and when did exposure to music impact your desire to learn to play guitar and what were some of the early experiences that inspired you to pick up and turn to the guitar in the first place?

T.D. CLARK: I have always lived in and around Chicago in the suburbs and still live in Aurora Illinois ha ha Wayne's World—I have a basement studio to boot—and my mother was always into music of all kinds The Who, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Alice Cooper, John Denver, ABBA, BeeGee's, Elton John just all kinds of stuff. Really quite melodic music. My uncle was an incredible pianist, studied at the conservatory here, and we hung a lot because he was only four years older than me oddly enough. So he was always playing piano and subsequently I got into it. But we could never afford a piano so one day I was digging around in my mom's closet and found a guitar and started fiddling with it. My mom yelled down the hall ‘what is all that racket?’ (lol) and I knew I had found my calling. I also remember ‘air guitar-ing’ to a lot of Bob Seger with a tennis racket when I was 10 or so. (lol)

mwe3: Is there a story behind the 2011 release of theShreddtime Stories album and how would you say it compares to your Next Big Adventure album from a few years ago?

Read more... Shreddtime Stories Review

T.D. Clark's Shreddtime Stories
(T.D. Clark Productions)

Orginal Review from
October 2011

If classical composers like Niccolo Paganini were reincarnated rock as metal guitar gods in the 21st century, they might sound like T.D. Clark. Among the heaviest of all the rising hard rock / metal guitarists, Clark cuts loose on his latest instrumental rock outing appropriately entitled T. D. Clark’s Shreddtime Stories. The Illinois guitarist gets solid backup from his band but the focus is right on Clark’s daredevil electric guitar tactics. Much like the horrific / hilarious cover art, T.D. Clark’s Shreddtime Stories will leave you breathless. The eleven cut CD is mostly hard rock instrumentals with no vocals, yet Clark stretches out on a couple acoustic tracks that gives further indication of his well-rounded guitar work (check out track four and the belly dancing guitar vibe of “Moroccan Bedtime Story”). With his hard hitting sonic roller coaster approach to instrumental metal guitar, Clark is recommended listening for fans of guitar legends such as Steve Vai and Tony MacAlpine—as well as up and coming instrumental guitar rockers like Hrant Bedoyan and Chris Bullen.

Shreddtime Stories Review

"Shreddtime Stories" is a great guitar album. As the title suggest, the guitar player is not holding back from what he knows. As T.D. Clark proceeds with various shredding techniques, it is not done in senseless way countless guitar players did back in the 80s, and the early 90s. This is done with absolute taste, and quality.
"Shreddtime Stories" is a very varied record. It ranges from truly shredding songs to gentle Spanish guitar pieces. The songs are very catchy and memorable. The soloing is unusually tasty, and not overplayed. T.D. Clark is one versatile player who has his chops ready for any occasion.
The album proves one definite point, T.D. Clark is a very talented writer and player. He is very smooth in his delivery, and does not overpower a listener at all. It's difficult to compare T.D. Clark to anyone as the album does not clearly stay within one definite style. Let's just say he is a great guitar player not afraid to take chances of any kind, as long as it is six-string related.
"Shreddtime" gives the visual impression of Halloween related sounds, but there is definitely a gold inside. T.D. Clark is a player worth investigating further.
Mark Kadzielawa
Written Thursday, December 30, 2010

Digital Nations Interview 2010

DN: Talk about the record. Where did you get the idea from? 

Well with the new Record I wanted to combine my melody driven songs with a heavier feel. I also wanted to get back to writing a more listener friendly album. My last record Next Big Adventure, was quite Shred happy LOL and I think it was written with guitar players in mind. With Shreddtime Stories there is some serious ripping going on, but they are in songs non-guitar players will like. Think of the Scorpions Rock you like a Hurricane where you have a great song and a killer guitar solo. 

The theme of the album is like and old school monster comic book from the 50's and 60's and the songs are supposed to read like stories you would read at bedtime. Some Scary, some Adventure filled etc. 


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