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Timanfaya Tapping Lesson


T D Clark Drop D symphony lesson


El Ave Diminished Lesson


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EL Ave Arpeggio Sequence PowerTab

EL Ave Main Verse PowerTab

EL Ave Middle Solo PowerTab
EL Ave Pre Chorus PowerTab
Shreddabilly main melody part I and II PowerTab
Timanfaya Main Melody PowerTab


Misc Lessons

Castles and Gnomes PowerTab
Castles and Gnomes Arpeggios and Scales PowerTab
Chromatic String Skip PowerTab NEW, added 7/12/2007
Drop D Symphony PowerTab
Finger Independence Exercise1 PowerTab
MySpace Shred Jam PowerTab
Skipping Stones PowerTab
Stretchy Strechy Lick PowerTab
Whole Tone Scale PowerTab
Whole Tone 4 Grouping PowerTab NEW, added7/12/2007



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